men wearing tencel denim shirt with chest pockets and long sleeves

Care tips for Tencel apparel

Tencel is naturally odor resistant.

There is no need to wash this shirt after every wear. Because Tencel has better moisture management than cotton and it is more resistant to odors.

But if you need to wash it, you can follow the instructions below.

Wash instructions for Tencel.

° Do not overload your washing machine. Heavy loads cause friction which wears clothes out faster and may also result in the garments staying dirty.
° Turn your garment inside out. We advise you to put it in a wash bag to avoid damage.
° Wash with similar colors.
° We recommend using wool detergent since it is less aggressive, and your clothes will look better for a longer time.
° Don't use too much laundry detergent since overdosing won't affect making your clothes cleaner.
° Do not use fabric softener or bleach. It can damage the color of the shirt.
° Wash cold at 30°C delicate program, maximum 1400 cycles.

Dry instructions for Tencel.

° Do not tumble dry, only dry by air.
° Hang your shirt on a hanger or a line.
° Avoid direct heat or sunlight.

Iron instructions for Tencel.

° Iron at low temperature. Set the iron on the Medium or 2-dot heat setting.
° Use steam to remove creases. Or you can spray on some water before applying the iron to the garment.
° Do not use any spray-on starch or softeners.

Storage instructions for Tencel.

° You can hang or fold your Tencel shirt in the closet.

° When you store your shirts for a longer time, wash them first before you store them in airtight bags or boxes.

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