Black merino wool business shirt for men
Black merino wool business shirt for men

Life is the starting point of our design process

We want to make your life more comfortable by using

unconventional, high performance materials in our

garments. And by making them look good.

Our garments can be worn from morning to night without worry. Even multiple days in a row. You can navigate city traffic, office politics and the queue at the bar - in the same sharp outfit. Without the need to go home and get changed.

We couldn’t find it, so we created it.

We are two designers from Antwerp with a fascination for materials and fabric technologies. We earned our wings in the outdoor industry where the design process is led by performance and functionality. But gradually we started to demand the same performance from our daily wardrobe. We couldn’t find any. So we decided to create these garments ourselves with the groundbreaking materials we used in the outdoor industry but in a style that we want to wear all day, not just when we are out in the mountains.

It starts with the yarn.

We take a nerdy interest in garment finishes and fabric technology, and if we can’t find the fabric we have in mind we set out to develop it. So we can knit or weave our fabrics with the exact characteristics needed to make your life more comfortable. We build on the centuries of experience of our established suppliers, and thrive on the energy of our more recently founded partners. And we will never stop improving, because your lives will never stop changing.

Duty of care.

We take our responsibility towards the environment and our fellow humans very seriously. There are key aspects of the fashion industry that we simply don’t agree with. That’s why we didn’t want to board that train without questioning every aspect of it. We believe that every garment you buy should be a piece that you want to wear for years. That’s why we build long lasting pieces with a timeless styling. We also involve our community so we know that you like what we will make even before we start making it. We only use materials that are cultivated in a responsible way and where less chemicals are needed to process them into finished garments. We prefer to source local, European materials and work with European manufacturers. Most of them are small to medium sized family run businesses where we really know the people. Because in the end it’s their devotion that makes the difference.

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