wolk merino wool apparel care instructions for knitwear T-shirts and shirts

Care tips for merino wool apparel.

These care instructions apply to merino wool woven shirts, T-shirts, polos, and knitwear.

Wool is naturally resistant to stains and odours.

It is not needed to wash your wool shirt after every wear. Just hang it out to aerate, and you will notice that it is fresh again.
Even with food or cigarette smell, it is enough to air the garment for a couple of hours—no need to wash.
When it's time to wash your merino, we have some care tips below.

Stains on your merino wool?

Wash instructions for merino wool.

Say goodbye to hand wash. We make all our garments with "total easy care" merinowool. The merino fibers undergo a natural treatment so that you can machine wash it at 30°C. (for some pieces, we advise a delicate cycle)


° Do not overload your washing machine. Heavy loads cause friction which wears clothes out faster and may also result in the garments staying dirty.

° Turn your garment inside out. When you wash your shirt with other clothes with zippers or small hooks, we advise you to put it in a wash bag to avoid damage.

° Wash with similar colors.

° Use wool detergent, as regular detergent might harm the fabric. Try wool detergent for your other clothes; it is more gentle, and it keeps them longer in good shape.

° Don't use too much laundry detergent since overdosing won't affect making your clothes cleaner.

° Do not use fabric softener or bleach. It can damage the colors.

° Wash cold at 30°C delicate/wool program, maximum 1400 cycles. For the wool sweater we advise to lower the cycles to 1200 cycles.

merino wool wash instructions

Dry instructions for merino wool.

drying merino wool shirt, t-shirt and sweater on a drying rack

Wool dries quickly, it will take about 2 hours to dry the T-shirts, shirts and polos. The sweater will take some more time, because it contains more wool.


° Do not tumble dry, only dry by air.

° Hang your shirt , T-shirt or polo to dry on a hanger or a line.

° To dry your sweater, lay it flat. Place it on a towel and rub it into shape and remove folds by hand.

Dry the sweater flat over a drying rack. Or lay it on a sweater dryer with a mesh surface to avoid the lines of your drying rack.

° Avoid direct heat or sunlight. It might damage the wool or cause it to shrink.

Iron instructions for merino wool.

Merino wool is wrinkle-resistant; however, your shirts might need light ironing.

If you dry your wool sweater in a flat position, you don't need to iron it. Heavier knits will not suffer too much from creases. But maybe you like to iron, so here are some tips.


° Iron at low temperature. Set the iron on the Wool, Medium or 2-dot heat setting. Ironing too hot can lead to discoloration.

° Use steam to remove creases. Or you can spray on some water before applying the iron to the garment.

° Do not use any spray-on starch or softeners.

iron instructions for merino wool apparel shirts t-shirts knitwear

Storage instructions for merino wool.

hanging cedar blocks and merino shirts

° You can hang or fold your merino shirts, polos and T-shirts in your closet.

° Do not hang your merino sweaters. It might lose its shape. Instead, fold it to store.

° You may want to place some cedarwood in your closet to keep moths away from your precious wool.

° For long-term storage
Wash your wool shirts before storing them in airtight bags or boxes.

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