Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do.

It always has been, and always will be

Duty of care.

We take our responsibility towards the environment and our fellow humans and animals seriously. That is why we carefully consider all our choices; from product development and material sourcing to our supply chain and delivery to our customers.
We always look for the most responsible solution.

It is a never-ending process in which we will continue to improve.




Better and timeless.

Our clothes are so comfortable that you would like to wear them forever. We make them carefully so that they last for years.

Before we launch something new, we test it, improve it and test it again.

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Timeless light blue shirt in merino wool for men

Crafted in Europe.

We prefer to source local, European materials and work with European manufacturers. Most of our suppliers are small to medium-sized family businesses where we really know the people. Because
ultimately, it is their dedication that makes the difference.

Shirt production of Wolk in Portugal
Microplastics in washing machine

No microplastics.

We make our collection with natural materials like merino wool, linen, or Tencel. Even tiny parts like our buttons are made from nuts instead of plastic. With this natural approach, no microplastics will end up in the sea. Tiny fibres loosened during washing will biodegrade when they end up in the ocean.

But avoiding synthetic fibres altogether is more complex than it may seem. In the case of our T-shirts, we find that a significantly longer lifespan justifies the addition of 20% nylon*. We continue to investigate how we can replace the nylon with another natural fibre, but so far, nylon seems to be the best option to make these extra durable T-shirts.

*We use a nylon filament, one long thread woven into the yarn. No loose fibers can be released during washing.

Carbon neutral deliveries.

Getting your package from us to your doorstep costs energy. So we chose green shipping solutions with a carbon neutral delivery.

DPD group and DHL express precisely measure the carbon footprint per parcel,
reducing it in any way they can by driving cleaner vehicles, and offsetting the remaining
emissions by funding clean energy projects around the world. The result is 100%
carbon neutral parcel delivery across Europe.

DHL bicycle delivery from Wolk

Reduce, reuse, recycle.

We reduce and reuse packaging wherever possible. When the packaging can no longer be reused, it is collected for recycling.

We still use plastic packaging to protect our garments during transport and storage. We have researched compostable packaging, but we have learned that it is not composted but burned. Composting takes too long, which would make the composting plants unprofitable. For our plastic packaging, on the other hand, the recycling streams are set up here. 

Our shipping boxes are made with sustainably harvested and recyclable cardboard. But it does not stop here. We keep looking for new solutions so we can keep improving.

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We've found the solution in nature!

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Man wearing merino wool sweater in dark grey color in rice knit pattern
Man wearing merino wool sweater in dark grey color in rice knit pattern