Discover the benefits of linen made from European flax

Linen, premium quality, wonderfull style.

The finest European linen.

Linen has a rich history and seems to be one of the oldest fabrics in the world. For thousands of years, mankind had relied on linen for durable means of clothing. At Wolk, we’ve selected the best European linen with the “Masters of Linen” label, that ensures impeccable quality. Manufactured with fibers of a flax plant, linen is a remarkable fabric, highly absorbent with exceptional ventilation traits.

flax harvest in Normandy

Stronger and more cooling than cotton.

"Perfect shirt!

 It is really airy and comfortable. I love to wear it to the office or on my shorts in the weekend. Nice work!" - Vincent

What are the benefits of wearing linen clothes?

It keeps you cool

Summer and heat, make way for freshness!

The open structure of linen doesn’t insulate, resulting in a breathing effect that keeps your body cool in hot and humid circumstances. Linen makes for great summer clothing. Its high air permeability lets air flow trough freely, allowing your body to breathe – which is great for your skin as well.

Moisture wicking

Linen stays remarkably dry to the touch, even though it can absorb up to 20% of its weight in moisture. However, it quickly releases all moisture into the atmosphere, leaving you with a comfortable and dry feeling.

Non allergenic

Sensitive skin, say hello to linen. Its hypoallergenic traits take good care of your skin, without any irritation or allergic reaction.

It's durable

Did you know linen is used in paper money to increase its strength? It’s the strongest natural fiber, thicker than cotton and extremely long-lasting. It also comes in variable lengths, contributing to its strength and thus to its longevity.

Machine washable

Your linen shirt turns softer after each wash – nice, isn’t it? Be sure to wash your linen shirt at low temperature, using soft water. The gently machine cycle takes optimal care of the fabric. Not quite sure how to start washing your new favorite linen shirt? Check the care label inside of the garment.

How sustainable is linen?


The cool, damp regions of Belgium, The Netherlands and the north of France are ideal to grow the flax plants that provide for linen fibers. These plants grow well without irrigation or fertilizersNothing of the plant is wasted in the production process and flax farming has no impact on the environment.



When you have to part from your linen shirt, take comfort in knowing its nutrients flow back into the earth. As a completely biodegradable fabric, it has no impact on the environment when it’s tossed out.

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Discover our linen shirt

Grown in France, woven in Italy, sewn in Portugal.


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