Merino wool keeps you cool!

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Better life apparel

We want to make your life more comfortable by applying unconventional, high-performance materials in our garments. You can wear them from morning to night without worry, even multiple days in a row.

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No odour, no wrinkles, no worries. And 100% natural.

Unparalleled quality through experience, passion, and the best wool selection.

People's first reaction when they see our shirt fabric is simply amazement. The material is so fine and smooth that it is hard to believe that it is wool.

It requires a great deal of expertise to achieve this quality. Not surprisingly, our weaving mill is located in Biella, the world's wool capital. In this magnificent weaving mill, more than 150 years of experience are combined with new technologies. They developed a "compact spinning" technique with high pressure and vacuum to create a solid and smooth yarn. No loose hairs that could pill or itch.  Only the thinnest and longest fibres are selected to guarantee the best quality as a basis for this yarn. Since the weaving mill also makes the yarn and even keeps its sheep, they have complete control over the quality. 

All the experienced hands that handle the wool contribute to the ultimate wearing comfort.

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My favorite shirt!

"Without a doubt one of my absolute favorite shirts. The model, the fit, the material and the story, it all fits.
Warm or cold weather, The merino is super light and comfortable to wear. And it’s the perfect travel companion. No wrinkles, no odours, even after a day by train or car."

- Robbert

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Exceptional pieces, proudly crafted in Europe.

We develop our fabrics with the best fabric mills and we partner with skilled artisans to achieve the highest standards.

You will immediately notice the craftsmanship of our Italian, Swiss and Portuguese partners when you have our garments in your hands.

Nature at its best!


merino sheep grazing the grasslands in New Zealand