Merino Wool, a high performance gift from nature.

If there is one fabric that brings style and performance together in perfect harmony, it’s merino wool. Stunningly elegant, with qualities that speak volumes for anyone who demands that comfort and style go hand in hand.

It keeps you warm when it’s cold – and vice versa. It’s odor resistant. It dries in the wink of an eye. It doesn’t itch one bit. It’s extremely wrinkle resistant. And you can thank the Merino sheep that graze the meadows of Australia and New-Zealand for that.

How will you be wearing millions of years of evolution?


When wearing your merino wool shirt, T-shirt or sweater, you’re not just wearing some fabric. You’re enjoying the benefits of millions of years of evolution. Merino sheep, grazing the highlands of New Zealand, have developed the softest and finest fleece known to man. They can withstand temperatures ranging from -20 C° up to +35 C° effortlessly, thanks to the unique traits of their wool.

And with modern day spinning technology and fiber treatments, the wool of these fascinating animals makes for outstandingly elegant, high-end fabrics that outclass materials such as cotton or synthetics on all fronts.

11 reasons why you will love merino wool :

Thermo regulating

Merino wool is fashion’s natural climate regulating system. The breathing qualities of the fabric hold great advantages when it comes to comfort. Merino wool is perfect for all-year-round clothing.


When it’s hot, the fibers absorb your body’s moisture vapors and evaporate them outside of the fabric – keeping you nice and cool.


But in wintertime, these moisture vapors condense inside the fiber, giving off heat and keeping you nice and warm.


Odor resistant

Great news for all people dependent on deodorant: merino wool absorbs all odor molecules and only releases them upon washing. No matter how hot it is, you’ll feel fresh all day long. Your merino wool T-shirt or shirt will not smell – like cotton shirts do. On top of that, you don’t need to wash it each time you’ve worn it. Just hang it in the open air and enjoy it again the next day.

Quick drying

Merino wool is a surprisingly fine fabric, that releases water easily. It’s dry long before your other garments are. Just put it in the machine, dry flat or place it on a hanger and wear it again in no time!

Wrinkle resistant

The elastic properties of the merino fiber make it extremely wrinkle resistant. If you hang your shirt out to dry, ironing becomes optional. And when you’re travelling with a packed suitcase, just get out your merino wool clothes, hang them for half an hour and you’re all good. No annoying wrinkle damage from seatbelts or backpacks any more. It’s the ultimate on-the-go companion.


The naturally protective outer layer of your merino wool shirt or T-shirt will prevent stains from being absorbed. However, when your favorite item is dirty, just wash it on low temperature. Not sure how to start? Check the care label inside your garment!

No itch

When we say wool, you think Grandma’s-Itchy-Christmas-Sweater?

Have we got news for you! Our superfine merino wool fibers are only 17 microns thick. In comparison, a human hair is between 60 and 180 microns in thickness. What that means? Our merino wool is more flexible, bends softly against your skin and doesn’t itch one bit.


Merino wool is 6 times stronger than cotton. Each fiber can be bent back onto itself over 20.000 times. In comparison: cotton breaks after 3.200 times. Poor cotton. Lucky merino wool T-shirt owner!

Non allergenic

Merino wool does miracles for style-lovers with sensitive skin. Research shows that wearing merino wool T-shirts or sweaters reduces adult and infant eczema symptoms impressively compared to other fabrics. This hypoallergenic fiber treats your skin softly and with great care.


Synthetic fibers and cotton demand a great amount of manipulation and processing. Merino wool, however, is made of grass, water and fresh air. The merino sheep that provide the wool graze the hills of New Zealand and Australia freely, delivering a new fleece harvest twice a year.

UV resistant

The natural UV barrier of the fabric keeps you safe from damaging UV radiation from the sun – unlike synthetics and cotton. Hello, worry-free summer times!


The Merino fiber will naturally decompose in soil when it is disposed. It will give back it nutrients into the earth.

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