Merino wool

The natural choice

What is Merino wool?

Tencel is a lyocell material, made from 100% plant based materials and
produced by the Austrian company Lenzing. Because of it’s natural origin, it is
completely biodegradable, making it an eco-friendly option

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How sustainable is Tencel?


Tencel is made from 100% woodpulp and plant based materials, made
through photosynthesis.

84% Less Energy Use

The energy used to produce 1kg of
cotton is 49MJ, but for 1kg wool, 8MJ is used.

Wear natural, feel good

Wear more, wash less.

Did you know that 2/3 of the environmental impact of apparel occurs during consumer use? Washing your clothes after each use is often more about habit than hygiene, and quite frankly it's not always necessary. Our shirts and T-shirts just need to be aired out properly to be good for another wear. The antibacterial properties of merino wool contribute to this benefit.

By washing less, you will save water, energy, time and money. And it improves the lifespan of your clothes. It is a win win for you, your clothes and the environment.

Discover all the benefits of merino wool!

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