• Man wears white merino shirt with long sleeves and spread collar with white buttons
  • Spread collar on white merino shirt for men with white buttons from Wolk
  • Man wears white merino shirt with long sleeves and spread collar in slim fit
  • man wears a white merino wool formal shirt with spread collar and black tie
  • Tristan merino
  • Tristan merino
  • Tristan merino
  • Tristan merino
  • Tristan merino
  • Man wears 100% white merino shirt with long sleeves and spread color
  • formal white shirt in 100% merino wool with spread collar in relaxed fit
  • Tristan merino
  • Tristan merino
  • Tristan merino
  • Tristan merino

Tristan merino white

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Merino Wool ,
160 g / sqm


Color: white

S / White / Slim, M / White / Slim, M / White / Relaxed, L / White / Slim, L / White / Relaxed, XL / White / Slim, XL / White / Relaxed, XXL / White / Slim, XXL / White / Relaxed, XXXL / White / Relaxed

Thermo Regulating
No odor stay fresh
Wrinkle resistant
Highly breathable
Thermo Regulating
No odor stay fresh
Wrinkle resistant
Highly breathable
Machine Washable
Moisture Wicking
Quick Drying
Non allergenic
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Premium European merino wool shirt that can be worn in a formal way with a jacket or in a casual style on your Sunday jeans. It's Merino fabric will keep you cool when it’s hot and warm when it’s cold. And you don't have to worry about wrinkles or odors.



  • Italian spread collar and no placket behind the buttons.


  • 100% superfine merino wool (17,5 micron)
  • weight: 160 g/sq meter
  • The buttons are made of Corozo, a hard nut from the tagua tree.


  • Our merino wool is mulesing free and is ZQ certified.


  • The fabric is woven in an Italian mill that weaves merino fabrics since 1865.
  • Our Portuguese atelier has been crafting the finest shirts for 30 years.

Size & fit

  • Fittings
    Slim: Our modern, tapered fit. Also, our most popular fit.
    Relaxed: A more traditional fit with extra room in the chest, arms, and waist.
  • Silvio, our model in the studio, is 185 cm high, 101 cm around the chest and 84 cm around the waist.
  • Our model Sebastiaan is 185cm high, 102 cm around the chest and wears a large slim fit.
  • Use our easy size tool to find your size. Please keep in mind that the shirt can shrink 1 to 2%.


We use total easy care merino wool

  • Wash cold at 30°C delicate program, maximum 1400 cycles.
  • Wash with similar colors.
  • We advise to put the shirts in a wash bag.
  • Do not use fabric softner or bleach, we advise to use wool detergent.
  • Hang to dry, do not tumble dry. Avoid unnecessary exposure to direct sunlight to maintain an optimal white. Wear the shirt as any other shirt but don't dry it in direct sunlight and store it in your closet.
  • Iron at low temperature, no problem to use steam. Hot ironing may cause yellowing of the shirt. 
  • More specific care tips at our garment care page


What a wonderful shirt! The sizing is excellent - the sizing tool works really well. Attention
to detail is such that, as a customer and as a complete stranger, I felt very cared for. The styling, the material used, the buttons, also speak of an
attention to detail and a desire on the part of Wolk, to offer a high quality product that will leave every customer satisfied. Highly recommended!

- Michael

Great for travel and warm weather.

Perfect shirts for the business traveler! Even after a long drive or flight, I can go straight to my meeting looking good. The shirt is not wrinkled. I just returned from a trip and wore the shirt 3 days straight, in warm weather, actually
sweating quite a lot on some occasions, in a hot taxi for example. Still no odors on the shirt!

- Stijn

Top shirt, even better the I expected!

This is
really my favorite shirt by far!

I had some merino T-shirts, so I knew what performance I
could expect, but the fabric of this shirt is just perfect. It feels so good on
the body that it makes me happy every time I put it on.

- Wim

White merino wool, an exceptional quality.


A white shirt is obvious, but white wool is not. No sheep has one hundred percent white wool. It will always contain some grey fibres. These fine fibres all have to be sorted out. But even then, the wool is not entirely white but a bit cream-colored. That is why our white merino fabric is so exclusive. 

Our Italian weaving mill also spins the yarn, and they even have their own farms where the sheep graze. That gives them complete control over the whole process. It starts with the selection of the whitest wool. Then follows a delicate process of sorting, after which the wool is washed and finished according to the strictest environmental standards. Without compromising the original qualities of the merino wool. The spinning, weaving, and finishing of the white wool is done in a separate production hall to avoid contamination with other colours.

 As with the other colours, you can enjoy all the advantages of merino wool in the white shirt. You don't have to worry about odours or wrinkles. This shirt will keep you warm when it's cold and cool you down when it's hot—a perfect match for your on-the-go lifestyle.

 Since wool is a natural product, it can yellow slightly over the years. A bit like a cotton shirt also becomes less white over time. Extreme heat and UV light have can speed up this process. Wear it like any other shirt, but iron it on low temperature, don't dry in direct sunlight, and store it in your closet.

Merino wool, the perfect 4 seasons material

It’s natural. It’s renewable. It’s durable. It’s stunningly comfortable. And it outclasses cotton or synthetic fiber on any level. Yes, Merino Wool ticks all the boxes. Oh, and did we mention it’s wrinkle resistant, not affected by body odor and temperature regulating in every season?

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Corozo buttons, sustainable and responsible

We use Corozo buttons in our shirts. This 100% natural and practically indestructible nut comes from the Tagua tree – otherwise known as vegetal ivory.

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Tristan merino

Customer Reviews

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sehr schöne Hemden

Gute Hemden. Die Passform kommt bei mir gut an, und sie sind sehr pflegeleicht. Ich bin überzeugt, dass sie ihr Geld auf jeden Fall wert sind.

Excellent shirts, excellent support

I have bought quite a few shirts over the year, both for business and casual. Quality is very high, fit excellent. And if you need any support, you get it also at high quality and satisfaction. I love button-down and would be excited to have also one or two formal shirts with them.

The perfect shirt?

There are three significant drawbacks you have to be aware of before buying this shirt:

1. you won't be able to go back to regular cotton shirts (ever),
2. people enjoying long ironing sessions may find themselves a bit lost and unsettled with all the unexpected free time they will suddenly save,
3. you may seriously consider to use it for running or working out.

Great shirts and great customer care

I ordered two 'Alex' shirts for my boyfriend. We ended up getting a relaxed fit, as the slim fit from Wolk is a little bit tighter around the chest than with American brands, and it worked perfectly. The quality of the wool is unreal — it's so fine and yet strong, and the colours are very flattering. It's particularly hard to get a nice white colour with wool, and this one is amazing!

I also want to highlight that both Ellen and Joris from the Wolk Team have been extremely helpful and responsive throughout the whole process, and gave great advice regarding sizing, return, delivery, etc. Thank you!

100% recommend.

Awesome shirt

this is the best shirt I've ever had. Really comfortable, fist perfectly. Never have to iron it