• Men wearing merino wool sweater in light grey
  • frontside of man wearing a light grey merino wool sweater
  • Merino wool sweater for men in light grey melange color with crew neck half milano stitch made in Portugal
  • Phil merino sweater
  • Phil merino sweater
  • Phil merino sweater
  • Phil merino sweater
  • Wolk label on merino wool sweater in light grey melange color
  • Merino wool sweater for men in light grey melange color with crew neck half milano stitch made in Portugal

Phil merino sweater Light grey

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Light grey

100% Merino wool

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Color: Light grey

S / light grey, M / light grey, L / light grey, XL / light grey, XXL / light grey

Pilling resistant
Keeps its shape
Shrink resistant
No itch
Pilling resistant
Keeps its shape
Shrink resistant
No itch
Machine Washable
Thermo Regulating
No odor stay fresh
Highly breathable
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This medium-weight merino sweater is perfect to wear from Autumn till the end of Spring. 

It is so easy to combine with the rest of your wardrobe that It will quickly become your favorite sweater. We chose this easy-care yarn and the tight “half-Milano” stitch to prevent pilling and keep the sweater in shape. Maximal comfort with minimal maintenance, that was our goal when we developed the Phil sweater.



  • 100% extrafine merino wool (18,5 micron)
  • Weight: 615 g for size L
  • The compact “half Milano” stitch makes it extra durable
  • 1x1 rib double collar.


  • Our merino wool is mulesing free and OEKO-TEX certified.
  • The "fully fashioned" construction prevents cutting waste.


  • The merino yarn is spun in Italy.
  • The Phil sweater is knitted in Portugal.


  • Silvio, our model is 185 cm high, 101 cm around the chest and 84 cm around the waist. He wears a Large size.
  • If you have a Wolk T-shirt or slim or regular fit shirt, stick to your size. If you have a Wolk relaxed shirt, pick 1 size larger. 
  • Or use our easy size tool to find your size. The sweater will not shrink when you wash and dry it properly. Check our care section for instructions.


You don't need to wash it after every wear. Just let it rest overnight in a well-ventilated room, and any food or smoke odors will disappear. If your sweater requires washing, please find some care tips here.

We use "total easy care" merino; this is a natural treatment that makes the wool machine washable.

  • Wash cold at 30°C delicate/wool program, maximum 1200 cycles.
  • Wash with similar colors.
  • We advise you to turn the sweater inside out.
  • Please use wool detergent and do not use fabric softener or bleach.
  • Dry flat, do not tumble dry. Avoid direct heat; let it dry at room temperature.
  • If required, iron with steam.

The best wool sweater!

This sweater is very sturdy, but nicely soft. You feel the quality. It doesn’t start to deform and this
one doesn’t itch like some other wool sweaters. It’s not the better sweater, but for me it is the best sweater.

- Hannes

Love that it is 100% merino wool!

I love this sweater. I have worn blends with 50% merino wool, but this is a sweater from a different
level. It doesn’t stretch as much as other sweaters, but that gives it a
qualitative feel. It’s easy to combine to everything. I’m a fan!

- Tom

This jumper lives up to the promise!

I was skeptical about the "no pilling" claim. But it is completely true. The jumper is warm and soft, but after wearing it for an entire winter, it still looks

- Jack


Maximal comfort with minimal maintenance; that’s the short story of our Phil sweater.

With this development, we wanted to solve several issues that wool sweaters can have: pilling, sagging, and tight washing restrictions.

We sure love our wool sweaters, but not all wool sweaters are equally good!  Some start sagging and get out of shape. Others need a daily shave because they pill so quickly. And then there is the stress when it comes to washing. How will they come out of the machine ?!

Here is how we solved all these issues.

It starts with the yarn

We developed Phil with a merino yarn spun by Tollegno 1900. With more than 120 years of experience, this Italian company is an expert in wool spinning. The yarn is a perfect marriage of tradition and technology.

They start with 100% extrafine merino wool which is soft and doesn’t itch. The microscopic scales of the wool are then removed to prevent shrinking in your washing machine. A special high-twist spinning technique makes the merino yarn compact, more durable, and highly resistant to pilling.

Then the knit structure

The “half Milano” knit makes a robust sweater with good dimensional stability. Its double-knit structure keeps the threads closer together, making pilling even more difficult and avoiding ladders. It is not as stiff as the full Milano knit, so you keep the nice elastic feel of a knit sweater.

You need the skill

Knitting also takes a lot of skill. Our sweaters are made by a knitwear specialist in the Braga region in the North of Portugal. Just pick up one of our sweaters and you will feel their knowledge and attention to detail.

And care for our planet

We only use mulesing-free merino wool. The lovely sheep just deserve to be treated well. All our yarn is traceable and OEKO-TEX certified.

The “fully fashioned” construction means that all panels are made to measure, and there is no need to cut afterward. All the thread is used, not wasted. But it doesn’t end with us, Phil is designed to last long and used intensively. Wash it only when it’s necessary and use the detergent sparingly.

Merino wool, the perfect 4 seasons material

It’s natural. It’s renewable. It’s durable. It’s stunningly comfortable. And it outclasses cotton or synthetic fiber on any level. Yes, Merino Wool ticks all the boxes. Oh, and did we mention it’s wrinkle resistant, not affected by body odor and temperature regulating in every season?

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Phil merino sweater

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
My #1 sweater!

I have worn this sweater incredibly often for over two years now and it still looks like new. It does not pill and it does not bulge at the elbows. I don't have to wash it to get it back into shape. Just wear it, let it air and wear it again. I definitely recommend it.

wieder gut

Schöner Pullover, und die Qualität, die ich von Wolk gewohnt bin.

Top quality

These are my favourite jumpers. I have both colours. I have been wearing the dark blue one for two years, and it still looks like new. I am waiting for more jumpers from you guys.

robuster Wollpullover

Das ist ein wirklich guter Pullover. Ich kann mir keinen besseren vorstellen.

This jumper delivers on its promise.

I was skeptical about the "no lint" claim. But it is completely true. The jumper is warm and soft, but after wearing it for an entire winter, it still looks good.